Case Name

Case name: Bosanski Petrovac - Gaj

Case Number

КТО 7/14

Broj žrtava


Number of accused

Defendants: 1

Ranking the Accused

Defendant's rank: Lower military

Indictment date

10. October 2014. years

Case Phase

Case status: trial in progress

Duration of the procedure from the beginning of the trial

in progress

Number of examined witness


Date and outcome of the first instance verdict

24. April 2019. years

Date and outcome of the decision of the Appellate Court


Date and outcome of the verdict in the repeated trial


Criminal offence

Criminal offence: war crime against civilian population, art. 142 (1), FRY Criminal Act

Factual description

Background facts: According to the indictment allegations, the accused, at the time member of the Republic of Srpska’s Army, killed three Muslim civilians and attempted to kill two others in an incident that took place in Bosanski Petrovac, BH on 20 September 1992.

Procedural remarks

Procedural remarks: AA was initially indicted before the Cantonal Court in Bihać, BH. As the accused was unavailable to the BH authorities, the case was subsequently referred to the OWCP.