Case Name

Case name: Dubrovnik

Case Number


Broj žrtava


Number of accused

Persons indicted: 1

Ranking the Accused

Indicted person's rank: middle military

Indictment date

26. July 2007. years

Case Phase

Case status: proceedings suspended due to circumstances temporarily preventing the prosecution

Duration of the procedure from the beginning of the trial

in progress

Number of examined witness

Date and outcome of the first instance verdict

5. December 2007. years
Proceedings before a first instance court suspended due to circumstances temporarily preventing the prosecution

Date and outcome of the decision of the Appellate Court


Date and outcome of the verdict in the repeated trial


Criminal offence

Criminal offence: war crime against civilian population, art. 142 (1) in re art. 22 (coperpetration), FRY Criminal Act

Factual description

Background facts: According to the indictment allegations, the accused, in his capacity as commander of the 3rd Battalion operating within the 472nd Motorized Brigade of the Yugoslav People’s Army (JNA), ordered and participated in the attack on the Old City in Dubrovnik, Croatia. The attack resulted in the killing of two and wounding of three civilians, alongside the destruction of six buildings protected by the UNESCO as part of the world cultural heritage.

Procedural remarks

Procedural remarks: Originally addressed by the ICTY, this has been the only case referred to Serbia pursuant to rule 11bis of the ICTY Rules of Procedure and Evidence. Shortly after the beginning of trial, the case was suspended as the defendant was found unable to stand trial due to a mental disorder.