Case Name

Case name: Ljubenić

Case Number

KTO 8/13

Broj žrtava


Number of accused

Ranking the Accused

Defendants' ranks: lower military

Indictment date

7. April 2014. years

Case Phase

Case status: trial in progress

Duration of the procedure from the beginning of the trial

in progress

Number of examined witness

Date and outcome of the first instance verdict


Date and outcome of the decision of the Appellate Court


Date and outcome of the verdict in the repeated trial


Criminal offence

Criminal offence: war crime against civilian population, art. 142 (1) in re art. 22 (coperpetration), FRY Criminal Act

Factual description

Background facts: According to the indictment allegations, on 1 April 1999, the accused, at the time members of the 177th Military-Territorial Detachment (known as the Jackals), operating as part of the Yugoslav Army, launched an attack against Kosovo Albanian civilians in village Ljubenić. The operation resulted in the deaths of 46 civilians and serious wounding of 11, whereas the remaining villagers were dislocated. Bodies of 34 victims were later found in a mass grave in Batajnica outside Belgrade.

Procedural remarks

Procedural remarks: The remaining 14 defendants, allegedly members of the Jackals, were inter alia indicted in relation to their involvement in the Ljubenić events (see the Ćuška case).