Oct 2018.


Snežana Stanojković, the War Crimes Prosecutor, and Serge Brammertz, the Chief Prosecutor of the Mechanism for International Criminal Tribunals (MICT), met on the OWCP premises earlier today. The meeting was held in the framework of preparations for the MICT Prosecutor's regular six-monthly report to the UN Security Council, due to be submitted in early December.     

The MICT Prosecutor voiced his support for the OWCP Prosecutor's initiative launched during the latest regional prosecutors' consultations in Istanbul, Turkey, regarding the continuation of the Palić-Brioni process. 

By way of reminder, the Palić-Brioni Process started in November 2004, as a regular forum for consultations between prosecutors from Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina. Those consultations provided an opportunity for the prosecutors  to sign first acts on cooperation between their respective offices. Serving as a ground for the exchange of information, evidence and professional experience, such acts established the base for the development  of regional cooperation in the prosecution of offences recognized as war crimes.