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The War Crimes Prosecutor’s Office staff include the War Crimes Prosecutor, Deputy Prosecutors, Senior Adviser to the Prosecutor, Independent Adviser, Secretary General, Assistant Prosecutors and other employees.

The War Crimes Prosecutor is elected by the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia.

Deputy War Crimes Prosecutors are elected by the State Council of Prosecutors. Eligible candidates are those previously elected as public prosecutors. A deputy public prosecutor is first elected for a three-year period, whereupon his professional competence and skills, as well as the overall results and quality of his performance are subject to evaluation. A positively evaluated deputy prosecutor is granted a permanent tenure of office. 

Eligibility for the post of War Crimes Prosecutor or Deputy War Crimes Prosecutor implies excellent professional reputation, high ethical standards, impartiality, professional knowledge, capability and worthiness inherent to a holder of a public prosecutor’s function. Priority in the election, i.e. appointment to the position is given to those who possess knowledge and experience in the areas of criminal law, international humanitarian law and human rights.

Employees of the War Crime Prosecutor’s Office are obliged to discharge their duties in a responsible and impartial manner and to protect the Office reputation.

In accordance with the internal organization and systemation of jobs, the War Crimes Prosecutor’s Office includes 18 positions with a total of 28 employees. The Office support staff presently includes 27 people.