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Case name


Case number


Number of victims


Persons indicted


Rank(s) of person(s) indicted

lower military rank - member of the Military Police Company - part of the 2nd Proletarian Guards Mechanised Brigade

Indictment date

Case stage

second instance judgment

Duration of proceedings since trial commencement

2 years 5 months

Witnesses examined

Date and outcome of the first instance verdict

15 years in prison

Date and outcome of decision on appeal

First instance judgment confirmed - 15 years in prison

Date and outcome of verdict in new trial

Criminal offence

war crime against civilian population under article 142 (1) of the FRY Criminal Act

Background facts

In the afternoon of the relevant day, this convicted individual was present in the part of village Bogdanovci which was controlled by the Yugoslav People's Army. Acting of his own will, upon no one's order or approval and with no reason whatever, he opened fire outside the Local Community building, killing 9 civilians in the process. The victims were villagers of non-Serb nationality, namely: GG, DD, ĐĐ, ЕЕ, ŽŽ, ZZ, II, JJ and КК.

Procedural remarks

In line with article 47 (1) of the Act on International Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters, the War Crimes Prosecutor conformed the Doboj District Prosecutor's confirmed Indictment (ref. Т15 0 КТRZ 0023850 17) of 06/02/2017 to the laws of the Republic of Serbia.