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Case name


Case number


Number of victims


Persons indicted

1 person convicted

Rank(s) of person(s) indicted

lower military rank - member of the Surveillance Company known as the Šekovac Guards, operating within the 1st Birač Brigade - part of the BH Serbian Republic's Army

Indictment date

Case stage

finally adjudicated on 03/07/2018

Duration of proceedings since trial commencement

6 months 7 days

Witnesses examined


Date and outcome of the first instance verdict

6 years 2 months in prison (guilty plea agreement)

Date and outcome of decision on appeal

Date and outcome of verdict in new trial

Criminal offence

war crime against civilian population under article 142 (1) of the FRY Criminal Act

Background facts

On 16/06/1992, the convicted person, AA, was present in village Caparde, in the municipal area then called Kalesija. He came to the unfinished home of AD a.k.a. ..., which was situated on the left side of the Kalesija - Zvornik trunk road. Determined to find and kill any Bosniak civilians whom he might find inside, AA entered the house and opened fire from his automatic rifle. The occupants, namely AĐ and her minor daughter AE (1989), as well as AŽ and her minor children AZ (1986) and AI (1988), were killed on the spot.

Procedural remarks

The Office of the War Crimes Prosecutor conformed the BH Prosecutor's Indictment (ref. Т20 0 КТRZ 0008372 14) of 04/07/2014 to the laws of the Republic of Serbia.