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A first-instance verdict for Štrpce announced.

Based on indictment KTO-1/15 of the OWCP of the Republic of Serbia, the High Court in Belgrade - Department for War Crimes has sentenced the following accused persons : Gojko Lukić, Duško Vasiljević, Jovan Lipovac to prison terms of 10 (ten) years each, the accused Dragan Đekić to a prison sentence of 5 (five) years for the criminal offense of war crimes against the civilian population under Article 142.1 of the CC FRY in co-perpetration in relation to Article 22 of the same Law.

In regards to the accused Ljubiša Vasiljević, on 16 August 2021 the proceedings were suspended due to the demise of the mentioned.

The accused Gojko Lukić, Duško Vasiljević and Dragana Đekić, as members of the ‘Avengers’ unit, and Jovan Lipovac as a member of the 1st company of the 1st battalion of the Višegrad Brigade, were declared guilty for the kidnapping and murder of 20 civilians - passengers from the Belgrade-Bar train - on 27 February  1993.