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Case name


Case number

КТО 2/18

Number of victims


Persons indicted


Rank(s) of person(s) indicted

lower military rank, soldier of the Republic of Srpska's Army

Indictment date

Case stage

second instance judgment

Duration of proceedings since trial commencement

3 years 8 months

Witnesses examined


Date and outcome of the first instance verdict

Sentenced to 2 years in prison

Date and outcome of decision on appeal

First instance judgment abolished

Date and outcome of verdict in new trial

Sentenced to 2 years in prison

Criminal offence

war crime against civilian population under article 142 (1) re article 22 of the FRY Criminal Act

Background facts

a. Inhumane treatment and injury to bodily integrity
At or around 23:00 hrs on 21 November 1992, AA, AB and AV were present in village Rejzovići, municipal area of Ključ, BH. AA was in civilian clothes and the two others in military uniforms. Armed with automatic rifles, a so-called 'pump action' rifle, a handgun and a knife, the three - having previously broken a glass panel at the front staircase - forcibly entered the home of BB, who was inside with his wife VV and his mother-in-law GG. All the while cursing the occupants, the intruders subjected BB to physical torture. The victim was severely beaten and kicked, and also stabbed and slashed with the knife, thereby sustaining multiple cuts on his head, as well as injuries to his left lower arm and left thigh. Ordered by the offenders to give them money, BB offered them 800 German Marks which he had on him, but the offenders were dissatisfied with the sum. BB told them that there was more money buried in the garden next to his house. AA and AB took BB out of the house, whereas AV remained inside with VV and GG. Once in the garden, BB dug out 5,500 German Marks and handed the money to AB. As AA and AB stepped away in order to count the money under the front-door light, BB took the opportunity to escape. As he ran, BB heard several shots discharged after him from automatic weapons. AA and AB remained in the garden while AV was with VV and GG inside the house.
b) Participation in killings
Thereafter, one of the accomplices took the life of VV by a gunshot in the head. As a result of grave injuries to her face and skull, VV died on the spot. The perpetrator then turned to GG and used his knife to slash her throat, oesophagus and large blood vessels. The injuries resulted in the victim's immediate death.

Procedural remarks

In compliance with article 47 (1) of the Act on International Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters, the OWCP conformed the Una-Sana Cantonal Prosecutor's confirmed indictment (Т 01 0 КТRZ 0016985 13) of 22 July 2014 to the laws of the Republic of Serbia.