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Further to Prosecutor's appeal, Appellate Court alters lower court's acquittals in Kamičak case

Pursuant to its decision K.Po2 no.2/18 of 27/12/2018, rendered in line with article 423 (1.2) of the Criminal Procedure Code, the Higher Court in Belgrade - War Crimes Department acquitted defendants AA and BB of charges for the criminal offence under article 142 (1) (war crime against civilian population), in re article 22 (co-perpetration) of the FRY Criminal Act. 


Pursuant to its decision Kž1 Po2 1/19 of 29/05/2019, the Appellate Court in Belgrade - War Crimes Department upheld the War Crimes Prosecutor's appeal and altered the lower court's judgment, sentencing both of the defendants to 12 years in prison for the aforementioned criminal offence.