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EULEX Special Investigative Task Force

A significant part of the OWCP capacities has been engaged for the purposes of the international investigation conducted by the EU Special Investigative Task Force (SITF). Operating under the EULEX Mission's administration, the SITF was established in order to carry out independent investigation into war crimes, organized crime and thereto related cases, in accordance with the allegations contained in the 2011 report by Senator Dick Marty. 

Acting both upon SITF requests and on its own initiative, the OWCP coordinates interviews with witnesses, provides necessary information/documents, facilitates communication between the SITF and the Serbian Government's bodies/agencies. The OWCP and SITF periodically meet to define further course of cooperation. As needed, the meetings are attended by representatives of the Serbian Ministry of the Interior (MUP) and other relevant authorities.

In the light of the gradual transfer of EULEX competences to the local KM authorities, it was necessary to determine the procedures of cooperation with the KM judiciary. Consequently, pursuant to its conclusion of 07 March 2013, the Serbian Government adopted the Procedures of Mutual Legal Assistance as anticipated by the Technical Protocol of IBM Implementation, intended to facilitate responding to requests for mutual legal assistance with KM transitional institutions. The Procedures envisage mutual legal assistance only in terms of its general aspects (i.e. delivery of acts/documents; exchange of information; and performance of procedural actions).    

The EULEX role as anticipated by the Procedures is to act as a mediator in communication between the OWCP and KM provisional authorities, as well as to facilitate the processes of submitting requests for mutual legal assistance and responding to the same.