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War Crimes Prosecutor meets UK Ambassador to Serbia and UNDP Serbia Resident Representative

British Ambassador to Serbia, Her Excellency Sian MacLeod and Resident Representative of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Serbia, Francine Pickup, met today with Serbian War Crimes Prosecutor Snežana Stanojkovitć, to whom they handed over the video-conferencing system for on line hearings in war crimes cases.

The UK Ambassador and UNDP Resident Representative welcomed the commitment of the Office of the War Crimes Prosecutor (OWCP) to the processing of war crimes cases.

The interlocutors agreed that the OWCP efforts were primarily aimed at bringing justice to victims. 

The donated video-conferencing system, comprising high-resolution camera, TV screen, microphones, and a signal distribution device, can link up to six participants from different locations into one conference call. This will allow the Office of the War Crimes Prosecutor to hear the victims and witnesses of war crimes who live outside Serbia when they cannot be physically present and to increase the efficiency of investigations, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic made travel more difficult.

The video-conferencing equipment can also be used for teleconferences, which will help the OWCP to maintain closer communication and work jointly on war crimes investigations with the prosecution services of other countries in the region.